Once the island is in view, you feel that you are arriving in a magical place. The surrounding nature is overwhelming and inebriating. Everything is intense: the colours, the fragrances, the lights and the shadows. A fantastic location, perfectly situated in the natural Park of the Strait of Bonifacio, the Port of Cavallo is an engineering marvel, with its wooden piers, its granite breakwater and its discrete infrastructure, creating comfort without altering the natural surroundings and giving visitors a warm welcome.

After mooring, the place appears in all its charm, with a little square and buildings, consisting of hotels and villas nestling between the rocks and the beaches. Being able to enjoy the beauty of Cavallo is a privilege reserved to few. You may be lucky enough to capture one of 200 moorings in the harbour, stay in the only 5-star hotel on the island, the Hotel des Pecheurs, or to go to one of the beautiful villas belonging to the residents.

The Port of Cavallo hosts 200 boats, all with a maximum length of 35 metres. Each mooring is equipped with a supply of fresh water and electricity. The port is equipped with water inlets and electricity on the quayside – quayside lighting – Wi-Fi service – moorings – divers – fire-fighting services – waste collection – weather service – toilets and showers – food supplies.

The port map

The services

  • Hotel des Pecheurs
  • Means of transport
  • Restaurant
  • Health Spa HdP
  • Bar HdP
  • Golf
  • Port Services