Société du Port
Île de Cavallo
Bonifacio (20169)
Corse du Sud, France

Tel: +33 0672 363370
Tel/Fax +33 0495 258011

Canale 9 VHF

Neither in heaven nor on Earth… paradise is in the middle of the sea…
Island of Cavallo, a mirage, an untouched land emerging from the se
…a world apart.

«Là, tout n´est qu´ordre et beauté. Luxe, calme et volupté».

Once the island is in view, you feel that you are arriving in a magical place. The surrounding nature is overwhelming and inebriating. Everything is intense: the colours, the fragrances, the lights and the shadows.

A fantastic location, perfectly situated in the natural Park of the Strait of Bonifacio, the Port of Cavallo is an engineering marvel, with its wooden piers, its granite breakwater and its discrete infrastructure, creating comfort without altering the natural surroundings and giving visitors a warm welcome.