The island of Lavezzi
Directly south of the island of Cavallo, in the centre of the Strait of Bonifacio, lies the rock of Lavezzi. It is a maze of white granite boulders, offering endless tiny bays, where a good skipper can carve out his own private garden of Eden. Mooring is possible to the south, at Cala Lazarina (if entry is prohibited, you can land there by rowing in on a tender) or Cala Giunco. From the north, Lavezzi is only accessible to those brave enough to venture into the meander of tiny channels that characterize Cala del Greco and Cala della Chiesa. The waters are exceptionally transparent everywhere in the area.

Located in the extreme south of Corsica, the little town of Bonifacio is a true open-air museum: It is characterized by tall, white cliffs overhanging the sea and it offers a wealth of historic monuments, more than 20 beaches of fine sand and an outstanding collection of rare landscapes both on land and beneath the sea. It is a place to discover and will earn itself a place in your heart.

The extensive gulf of Sant’Amanza, closed to the south by Punta Capicciolo, offers a protected anchorage in its deepest part. It is a land of sandy beaches and rocky areas. The seabed is sandy, with banks surfacing in the western part. It is approximately 5.5 miles from the island of Cavallo.

Gulf of Rondinara
At just over 6 miles from the island, the gulf of Rondinara is an untamed bay, with an unspoiled beauty, crystal clear waters and a gently sloping seabed. Being a bay, sheltered from the wind, it is ideal for stopping in the roadstead. The surroundings are uninhabited and there is a typical Corsican restaurant onshore, overlooking the beach and offering excellent specialties.

Island of Piana
Between the island of Cavallo and the Corsican coast, is the island of Piana, with its low profile delimiting a stretch of sea, with a shallow sandy seabed. When the sea is calm, this turns into a pool, here boats can cast their anchors and appear suspended in the clear crystalline water.