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Guadalupe A pearl in the archipelago of Lavezzi, Cavallo offers 15 Km of beaches and coves, hidden between the rocks. It is midway between Corsica and Sardinia, and seems to emerge from the waters miraculously, to form a magical landing place for lovers of the sea.

It is a private island, where safety constitutes a further guarantee of serenity during your stay.

The charm of the island of Cavallo can be perceived immediately, as you begin discover corners of heaven, here on Earth. The feeling is unique, thanks to the nature in the area but also because of the way in which the island gently greets you, making you feel like a privileged visitor in a place without equals.

The island of Cavallo is a place of wild, absolute beauty. It allows you to enter into a secret, private place in which the strong, graceful, breathtaking marina landscape blends with the discreet, elegant presence of the people who come to visit.

Adding great value to the island are the seabeds that make the experience of diving and free diving thrilling moments, set in bright underwater scenarios, where you may come across numerous aquatic species. The marine environment is a whole universe of exceptional vitality.

The clear blue waters that bathe the deserted beaches of Cavallo, in a setting of pink rocks and layers of golden sands, convey the quintessence of man’s relationship with the sea. The sun, shining brightly down from the sky and the spirit of the Mediterranean winds and waves, really make the island sparkle like a beautiful emerald.